Monday, January 24, 2011

Video Tour of Zenith Hotel Kuantan Ground Floor

Here is the Zenith Hotel's Ground Floor in Kuantan. Enjoy the walk-through with my daughter, Lauren!

The Zenith Hotel is Kuantan's new luxurious 5-star hotel located in the town centre, a moment's walk from East Coast Mall and Putra Square.


  1. great blog, love the photos

  2. How nice to see that u* visited the Peace Garden. I took your suggestion & here I am on your very cool post, w/ thumbs up for your beautiful blog.

    In Peace Always,
    Mother Lightning

  3. Great video but it's nowhere near as funny as the ones you did with Dad in the hotel in Singapore

  4. looks like a cool hotel


  5. Awesome pics!

  6. Mum, maybe I should add those videos of me and dad at Swissotel Merchant Court in the future! That would be a laugh!

    BloggerAccount1 and Zach, thanks for coming here to visit and hope you'll enjoy many more returns.

    Mother Lightning, thanks for your compliments and the time you spent at my blog!

    hwidman, thank you very much for following my blog, much appreciated!

  7. What a nice looking place Damn I could go some mussels right now!

  8. Such a nice looking place! Great post, keeep it up! :)

  9. Wow, what a place! followed!

  10. Bob lehcror, blaza1, TheSCIINewb, thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm not sure where you all live, but you should definitely come over to Kuantan and see the Zenith Hotel for yourselves. It won't be long before this area of Kuantan is a lot more famous to those around Malaysia and abroad.


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