Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trees In Kuantan Part 3 - Leaves

Trees In Kuantan - Part 3 deals with leaves. Leaves are the component of a tree which absorb sunlight to aid in the trees growth and maintain its vitality. They also act as decorative pieces, beautifying the tree they adorn. We used to collect autumnal leaves when I was a child, in all sorts of colours like red, orange, yellow and brown, in various shapes and sizes. However, leaves look best where they belong - on a tree.

A giant layer of skin from a palm tree lies on the floor after being shed by its tree. Though not a leaf in itself, it holds the branches and adjoined leaves in place until their time expires

The green leaves of this palm tree sway gently in the breeze as outdated brown leaves lay idle on the ground

The leaves and branches grow in arcing shapes along the road

The attractive leaves of these palm trees dominate this section of Bukit Ubi in Kuantan

These miniature trees support long, pointed leaves

Like a hand and fingers, these interesting leaves decorate this small plant

Look at these tiny leaves all lined up neatly on the thin branches

Here are some more at a closer range

These trees kind of remind me of the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. The leaves are neatly ordered in order to gain maximum exposure to sunlight

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