Monday, January 31, 2011

Berjaya Megamall roof, Kuantan

On an overcast yet bright morning on 23rd October, 2010, I ventured up to the roof of Berjaya Megamall in Kuantan to find some decent views of the town. I love to explore and go to places where not many people have been. I don't know if the roof of Berjaya Megamall is a popular parking space for customers, but on this morning it was deserted. It looked as though it had been abandoned and thus conveyed a somewhat eerie feeling upon me. I had to climb up the wall onto a ledge which was perilously close to the edge of the mall in order to get some shots of Kuantan town from up high. I held on tightly to my Panasonic Lumix DMC-F2! I did get great views of three of Kuantan's most prominent hotels - the Vistana, M.S. Garden, and the yet-to-be completed Zenith Hotel.

The Views

The Zenith Hotel continues its rise beside East Coast Mall

Though the clouds were blocking any direct sunlight, I still had to squint due to the brightness of the sky

The Citiview Hotel is not so renowned but provides a decent view of the Kuantan River

The Roof

The all-white Vistana Hotel sits 5-minutes drive from Kuantan town

The M.S.Garden Hotel is located right beside Berjaya Megamall


  1. Thank you for finding and following me :) I always love when fellow writers comes across my blog. I will certainly be following yours, as well.


  2. Thanks Tiffany, keep up the good writing!

  3. Oooh, like the M.S. garden hotel! looks very clean and new. I am just a little surprised that is has an English name.

  4. M.S. Garden has been around for quite a while. The most prominent hotels in Kuantan have English names: M.S.Garden, Zenith Hotel, Hyatt Regency Resort, Swiss Garden Resort and Spa etc...


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