Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sentosa Boardwalk, Singapore

As Singapore recently unveiled the brand new Sentosa Boardwalk, a foot bridge linking the mainland with Sentosa island, Malaysia remains pretty much the same.

Once Singapore and Malaysia were one, known as Malaya, but since Singapore broke away and became independent, they are now like two different stories, worlds apart despite their close geographic proximity. I travel to Singapore regularly in 3-5 month intervals and the stark differences between the two countries can be felt when crossing the causeway. Fair enough, Malaysia now have their new CIQ (customs, immigration and quarantine) complex, but that is still inconvenient with a lot more walking and a lot more driving round and round in what seems like never-ending circles.

Crossing the causeway, it's remarkable to see Malaysia on one side disappearing into the distance, and Singapore so close on the opposite side, materialising into view. One can't help but wonder how these two countries became so far apart in economy, civility and development. Indeed, there is a different smell in the air when I enter Singapore's territory. Everything is clean and immaculately tidy. Rules and laws are clearly displayed on buses and trains, and people stick to them. The public transport is a joy to use, highly convenient, and I don't get locals staring at me the way I do in Malaysia. There is an upper-class taste about the entire island. Police regularly patrol the streets and MRT stations, ensuring order is being upheld by its citizens.

And every time I go to Singapore, there's always something new! The last time I went there I was amazed to see the stunning Marina Bay Sands complex standing tall over Marina Bay. What a sight it is! I spent hours walking around the grounds, taking pictures, viewing the shopping mall, the hotel, the funky bridge that looks like twisted metal etc. It wasn't there the last time I went to Singapore before that! I'm amazed at how fast they develop the island. Resorts World Sentosa is another project that has been finished fairly quickly, opening up Sentosa to a whole new host of visitors.

And now the most recent addition is the Sentosa Boardwalk, a foot-bridge linking the mainland with Sentosa island. It comes complete with retail shops, F&B outlets and travellators for the weary traveller. While the boardwalk leads tourists to the main attraction, being Sentosa, it in itself has become a whole new attraction, another tourist pull, another development that will leave a lasting longing in the hearts of all visitors to come back again. And, of course, there is the lovely question in the back of your head - What new development will have sprouted up the next time I come?

Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Teo Chee Hean, gave a speech at the Sentosa Boardwalk opening celebrations on 29th January, 2011 at Sentosa. For the text of his words, please follow the link:

Shortly after writing this post I came across an interesting blog about Asia and I'd like you to visit this link for an one person's alternative view about the fabulous city-island of Singapore:


  1. That is a little sad, but I think Singapore can serve as an inspiration for better things.

  2. Hah, I didn't know any of that about singapore. Cool, thanks.

  3. Fickle Cattle, I take it by 'sad' you're referring to the second link. CrazyJuan, you should visit Singapore and see for yourself!

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. I just read the note you left on the blog etcetera Jan 24 about the ex- drug adict that gave his life saving a pastor from drowning. I do not leave comments often on posts of strangers.... But your post inspired me to do so. I don't believe I have ever read a more insensitive response in my life. Of course most accidents can be avoided, but what has that to do with it? Is a long "good" life the only kind worth living? If so. What about Christ? He could've a avoided his death also... In many ways. But he gave it up for his friends, just as this man did. There's no greater love... It became an eternal moment. I was moved when I read of this tragedy to be more like him- I felt your response was to hold it at arms length and dismiss it with a critique of how to avoid that from happening. That was a God-moment, teeming with His love. I hope you won't be able to avoid moments - no matter how life changing for all involve - from your life & that you won't be able to keep it so safe as to keep you from knowing that kind of love.

  5. I went to Singapore for the first time last April, and back then, the Marina Bay Sands was still being built. Intrigued by its design, I had always wanted to visit it if given the opportunity to visit Singapore again. I'm now following your blog and I'm looking forward to reading your future posts. Please consider following me too.

  6. Faith, I'm glad I inspired you to do something different and thanks for taking the time to comment here on my blog. I'm afraid there may be a little misunderstanding of what I was trying to say on the et cetera blog post. Indeed, the whole situation was a tragedy - I live just a 15-minute drive from that beach. I was never condemning the "ex-drug addict" at all and it is remarkable how people can change their lives for the better.

    Yes there is no greater love than what Jesus showed for all of us - of that I have no dispute. My comment had nothing to do with insensitiveness or Christianity at all. This drowning at sea has been in the news often here in Malaysia and is occurring way too much.

    Yes, there are moments in life where we can feel of that kind of love, and we all need it, but not when dicing with death.

    All I'm saying is that while the ex drug-addict's actions were truly heroic, and I'm sure he'll be rewarded for his good works, people still need to show a little more wisdom in going out swimming at sea where the waters and tides are very dangerous. Prevention is a lot better than cure.

  7. Michelle, thanks so much for visiting and following! I'm glad you had the opportunity to go to Singapore and I'm sure you'll be equally, if not more, impressed when you return in the future.

    I'll check out your blog and follow you too.

  8. Nice, I'm following. Well, I have been for several days. Anyway, this is kind of funny, because I was just doing a project on contrasting Singapore and Malaysia now, and explaining their history together and Singapore's fight for independence.
    By the way, I have a random, kind of stupid question. I have heard that it is illegal to chew gum in Singapore. True or False?

  9. Interesting story!
    If you are interested you can share all of this with us!
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  10. sleepinl8, your bizarre question has an equally bizarre answer: Yes! Singapore prides itself on cleanliness and gum is the number one substance which tarnishes streets.

    Wind, I've applied to join your forum and I would like to share my posts there too. Thanks for the invite!

  11. Lol!! thanks for the info. Sucks for those people. I heard that lil fact a few years ago when we considered moving, because my mom thought about going to Singapore. I just about cried.

  12. Life without chewing gum eh? What would we do?! :)

  13. I am here to say hi to every body.
    Glad to meet you hear.


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