Friday, February 11, 2011

Zenith Hotel Logo

All it takes is a short saunter around the Zenith Hotel. Stay there for a night and it will become even clearer. Stand outside the Zenith Hotel and it is yet distinguishable. The logo of the Zenith Hotel Kuantan is a 'Z' as can be seen in these pictures I snapped around the Zenith Hotel during our stay there. Every company adopts a logo, a symbol by which it is quickly identified and known. Here is the Zenith Hotel's logo in action:

One will first run into the logo on the long, stone sign board at the entrance to Zenith Hotel

It's hard to miss, especially here as seen at night, above the water feature in front of the Zenith Hotel

It can be found in large font on the front window by the door

The Zenith Hotel logo appears stretched across the front window

And this is how it looks at night, with East Coast Mall visible through the 'Z'

This wireless buzzer shows the Zenith Hotel logo on a table in the lobby

The glass doors standing between the Zenith Hotel and the Sultan Ahmad Shah International Convention Centre (SASICC) also show the logo

A business room on Level 3 of the Zenith Hotel

Pay some money and you'll be greeted with a snazzy version of the Zenith Hotel logo on the key card

Upon entering the room you will be presented with the choice of wearing the complimentary slippers complete with the Zenith Hotel logo

The sleeping gown inside the wardrobe has the Zenith Hotel logo pasted on the pocket

Go to the pool for a swim and the Zenith Hotel logo is before your eyes again

The Zenith Hotel has been designed very nicely, and is still under construction on the upper floors. The 'Z' logo is everywhere, including the most important place - in visitor's minds when they check-out.


  1. This looks like a really nice hotel, hope you enjoyed your stay!

  2. Oh we sure did! Even though it was for just one night, it left a great impression on us.

  3. Oh we need to go there! It is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful stay!

    -Tiffany Rainey with Will Write 4 Food



  4. Yes Tiffany, you need to tell all your friends and come over for your next holiday!

    watchman, the current promotion rate is at RM225++ (in Malaysian Ringgits), but due to my coverage of the Zenith Hotel on my blog, the General Manager offered us a night's stay free of charge! The normal rate stands at RM450++.


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