Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Hornbill Visit

It happened a couple of years ago actually. As we were lying on our bed in our room on a lazy afternoon, gazing out at the palm tree and blue sky through the window, I noticed a large bird come crashing onto the tree. Startled, I got up and slowly made my way onto my feet, to discover that a hornbill had landed on the palm tree!

Sarawak is billed as the "land of the hornbills" but here in Kuantan, one such magnificent bird had come to show itself to us for a few minutes. I quickly grabbed the camera and began shooting at this rare opportunity. I had never seen a hornbill up close in person before, only on postcards, so this was a fascinating few minutes. Here are the pictures of the hornbill:

The hornbill holds a berry in its curved beak


  1. It does look quite a large and beautiful bird

  2. What an interesting and unusual (here) bird!

  3. Wow, what an amazing bird! Never seen such a bird. Rather exotic I think.
    Thanks for your visit at my blog !

  4. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave me a word. The hornbill is a very unique bird, exotic, yes. It's distinguishing feature is the top of its head where there is a big lump-like shape.

  5. Awesome Photos!!!! I like how you got a few different angles :) And the bird quite remarkable.

  6. Ha ha... a strange bird! I have seen one of this here in Bucharest at the zoo!
    My regards, Duncan!

  7. The Walking Photographer: Thanks for coming! I did the best I could with the angles..

    Wind: Perhaps you should photograph animals at the zoo in Bucharest?! Thanks for dropping by :)

  8. Wow. That's a rather impressive bird. It's the nice thing of living in such exotic places: you've the opportunity to face things that you usually only can see in TV or at a Zoo.

  9. wow! I am speechless. I think I'd be scared to take a picture hehe It's the fruit loops bird in real life! And that photograph of him holding berry! such precision! Good job!



    PS: thanks for commenting on my blog!

  10. Thanks for your comment and following!

    Yeah, I like foreign cultures. Your blog has many pictures of overseas!!

    This bird is interesting for me. It is not live in Japan.

    I'm not confidence in my English skill... But I'm glad to talk with you. ;)

  11. Saul Marques: You're spot on. I'm living a very fortunate life right now.

    Previously Owned: I was taking the picture from behind a closed window and I didn't even notice the hornbill was holding the berry until I downloaded the pictures onto my computer - a beautiful accident!

    Lale: Thanks for visiting, and your English is not too bad! I hope you will enjoy visiting my blog again..

  12. Spectacular! And to answer your question you asked on my blog, my boyfriend does most of my photography :) Visit again soon!


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