Monday, February 28, 2011

What is the most urgent thing that needs to be done in Kuantan? - Poll Analysis

So, the poll of the past two months is closed, and a total of 66 people cast their votes. Thanks to those who voted who either live in Kuantan or are from Kuantan. There was no clear winner as the results were well spread over 4 of the 6 options.

Implementing a public transportation system received 31% of the votes, representing just under 1/3 of all voters. I must admit that I have only seen perhaps a single public bus per year while I've been living here. I'm aware that there are a few buses which go around a small part of Kuantan, and out to places further afield like Gambang and Pekan. However, a proper, well-organised public bus system serving people all around Kuantan town would be a welcome addition, and provide a cheaper alternative to expensive taxi rides.

Although the public transportation system idea received the highest percentage of votes, on the other side it also means that 69% of voters decided that there were other things more important for Kuantan than a public transportation system. 

In second place with 16 votes (24%) is beautifying places of interest. Kuantan is rich in places to go and things to say, but unfortunately some of those places are old, run-down, dirty or under-staffed, making these venues an actual turn-OFF. One example is the Kuantan Waterfront, which could, and should, be a beautiful place to visit, but has all of the problems I just mentioned.

Coming in third is solving the rubbish problem, which gained 13 votes (19%). This admittedly is a major area of concern in Kuantan, with blocked drains, public disposal areas beside housing, over-flowing and unattended bins, along with a complete lack of bins. It doesn't help that the public have the unbelievable confidence of throwing any and all types of rubbish on the floor, just like that. This option is my personal choice, closely followed by improving customer service.

In fourth place is promoting Kuantan to better attract tourists. This option had 11 votes (equating to 16% of voters). With better promotion, I am absolutely sure that more visitors would love to come to Kuantan because it is after all, a beautiful place with good shopping avenues, great hotels, interesting religious sites, and located close to the beach.

The two lowest finishers were improving customer service (only 3 votes - 4%) and improving the English language (2 votes - 3%). I am extremely surprised that only 3 out of 66 people voted to improve customer service. The service I have received in Kuantan has been nothing short of mediocre. I think it reflects a general "tidak apa-apa" (never mind; it's ok) attitude amongst locals. Actually, it's NOT ok. As a customer of various services, I have been left terribly frustrated at too many inconveniences caused. I think if there is to be an increase in foreign visitors, the standard of customer service will be the one important aspect that will determine how they view Kuantan in the future, and whether they come back again.

Improving the English language finished bottom of the pile, the most unpopular option in the poll. English is often frowned upon by teachers as they feel Malay should  be spoken more, as this identifies who they are - citizens of Malaysia. However, as Kuantan continues to grow and welcome increasing numbers of tourists, writing and speaking English will become a necessity to its prosperity.

My apologies finally, to those who weren't able to take part in this poll as it was restricted to those who know Kuantan. I hope you will all enjoy voting in the next poll which will appear at the top right of my blog.

So, now that you have voted in what Kuantan needs to improve on, I'd love to hear from you in analysis. Why did you cast your vote for that specific option? What do you think about Kuantan currently? If you didn't manage to vote, what would you have chosen?

You can leave me a comment below, or alternatively, you can contribute to the discussion on this poll by clicking on the tab at the top of the page.

Thanks, look forward to hearing your opinions!


  1. a good infrastructure (and that includes public transport) is very important

  2. Yes it is. The ease of getting around makes a city attractive. Just look at Singapore!

  3. As a fellow Kuantanite, I would suggest the city to:

    1.) Improve public transportation (seriously!!!). I could hardly see any public buses going around town. Even if there are, they always either come very late or never even arrive at all.

    2.) Beautifying not just places of interests, but the town as a whole, say, by adding more pedestrian walks or remove all rubbish and littering. Yup, Duncan. Some places really look either run down or dirty. Just take a look at places like George Town or even Singapore.

    3.) Improve quality of English. Overwhelming nationalist sentiments won't bring the town any where near progress.

    4.) More events and/or activities are needed, whether organized by govt or private sectors. Many of my mates said that Kuantan is a boring, unhappening place! And they would prefer the buzzling and colourful lifestyle of KL.

    5.) Shopping malls need to renovate themselves too. Megamall & Kuantan Parade looks as if they're in the 90's and will need to polish up their interiors a bit. East Coast Mall is pretty much a good start.

    6.) Attract more tourists, whether local or foreign. I certainly won't want my beloved hometown to forever live in its own bubble.

  4. Yee Jin Cheng, thank you very much for the detailed feedback. I agree with everything you've brought up here.


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