Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Taman Gelora

If you like to hear the gentle sound of gravel under your feet, delicately crunching as you stroll along the path; If you like to hear the complex song of the many birds communicating freely from the trees; If you love the stunning scenery that makes you look around, high and low, with your mouth slowly opening; If you love the peace of such a setting - then Taman Gelora in Kuantan is just the place to nourish your senses with beauty.

Enjoy my photographs of a saunter around the beautiful Taman Gelora:

I don't know how many times I've photographed this place, but each time the pictures are different, and each time, they come out even better! There's always something new to shoot, a different viewpoint, a new area, an alternative angle, a better idea.

At this point in my photography session, I ventured out behind the swathe of trees to the coast, where I discovered just how far out the tide was:

I walked a good hundred yards before I found this fish hanging on to life in a small pool of water

This fish wasn't so fortunate

Looking out to sea . . . where it lay . . . somewhere

It's kind of hard taking pictures when you're in the wilderness of the sea floor, with the sea nowhere to be seen. Kuantan town can be seen on the horizon.

The distance to the trees show how far I'd walked from Taman Gelora, out onto the sea floor, and I'd still not gotten close to the sea

I found these sea shells slowly moving around in small pockets of water which had been left behind between ridges of sand as the tide went out

Here's a picture of some weird and wonderful sea life. These "stalks" were popping up everywhere

This was the most enduring image from the sea floor. It shows a man in the background busily putting up his nets before the tide came back in later that day. Here is where our boiled fish for dinner begins.

After staying long enough to appreciate the silence at sea, I made the trek back to Taman Gelora, where my appointment with the trees really began:

This tree stood out from the crowd behind

Everywhere you look is trees!


Taman Gelora's bridge which transports visitors across the lake

A twisting tree trunk

And finally . . . . . 


  1. The photo with the "stalks" popping up everywhere is really spectacular. I feel like you can see each grain of sand.

  2. Thank you Senorita, it is an interesting photo. I've never seen those "stalks" before taking that photo! Thanks, as always, for dropping by.

  3. looks like a great place

    greetings from germany

  4. Hi mac-and-me, thanks for your visit. I love returning to Taman Gelora as often as I can!


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