Tuesday, February 8, 2011

McDonalds Delivery in Kuantan

Last night I wasn't feeling too well so we decided to order McDonalds. However, we got ourselves into a great mess.

We waited a painful 45 minutes as our stomachs growled. We were sure glad to see the McDonalds Delivery man arrive with our food. We paid the money and sat down at the table, licking our lips in anticipation. My wife pulled out a burger wrapped in a yellow packet and placed it in front of me. After closer inspection, I discovered it was a McChicken burger, and not the double cheeseburger I'd ordered. We discovered that there was also a stray prosperity burger on the table, which was not part of our order. The receipt was correct, but the food was not ours! The delivery man had made a quick getaway as we rushed to the balcony to see if he was still there.

We called back and explained to McDonalds what had happened, at around 9:25pm. We were told that they would have our order delivered "as soon as possible", a phrase which I don't trust whatsoever in the country of Malaysia.

With stomachs rumbling harder, we waited for the next 40 minutes, wondering what "as soon as possible" really meant. Our food should be here any minute now. At 10:10pm we received a call from McDonalds. "What's wrong now?!" I lamented as my wife took the call. We were informed that they will ask the driver if he can cook our meal for us. (The store closed at 10pm so it was already after hours). I thought it was already on the way, being delivered "as soon as possible!!!" "What the hell have they been doing since we called about the wrong order?!?!" I despaired, an angry stomach adding bite. The answer is, I have absolutely no idea.

So we waited again. In the meantime we gave the prosperity burger to our neighbour, after McDonalds said we could keep the errant order. We also began eating the french fries and McChicken burger whilst waiting.....and waiting.....and waiting.....

Our food finally arrived at 10:35pm, almost 2 hours after we originally placed our order, at 8:40pm. The delivery man said something to me in Bahasa Melayu, which went in one ear and out the other, and handed over a suspiciously heavy brown paper bag of food. I managed to force out a "thanks" before opening the bag to see what we got this time.

It turned out that the bag contained two double cheeseburgers, a hot and spicy McChicken burger, a prosperity burger, three medium french fries and two pieces of McD fried chicken! Another coke, and a sprite that didn't taste like tonic water, as the first one did, was also handed over to us, along with enough chilli sauce packets to last a year!

In the delivery guy's attempt to cover up his mistake, he gave us so much food that we would never have been able to finish it, neither do I endorse eating so much junk food at one time! However, McDonalds still couldn't get our 6 chicken nuggets to us - which was Lauren's meal - so we gave her the two pieces of fried chicken instead. We passed a couple of burgers and a french fries to our excited neighbours who couldn't believe their luck again!

I appreciate the gesture of extra food, but that's beside the point. Once again, we were on the wrong end of poor customer service, and the 6 chicken nuggets we ordered, mysteriously never turned up. It was too late, and I was too tired, to enquire where they were.

We spent the best part of 2 hours waiting for our food, frustrated at how such a simple task could go so wrong, and unhappy with the service.

I'm on a see-saw of emotions with Malaysia. 

Beautiful place. . . . .

Dreadful service.


  1. The moral of this story is....home cooking is always best :)

  2. Yea~Home cooking is always the best.lol

    Teacher,you're correct about it.I experience it before in ECM's Pizza Hut.I waited 45 minutes for 2 medium sized pizza.I and my cousin's stomach were like bombing sound.They said if we ordered the pizza and if it never showed up in 15 minutes the pizza can be free.BUT IT IS 45 MINUTES AND NOT FOR FREE!

  3. Mum, I 'll be doing more home cooking for the next month or so!

    Chai, this is the problem we have to put up with in Malaysia. I advise you to make a complaint either at the restaurant or on their website. That's what I did with McDonalds. Now I'm waiting for a response.

  4. Hahaha...
    Yes,my uncle did complain about it to the manager.
    He said in Malay,'the service in here is bad and slow!I'm gonna complain on your(Pizza Hut's)website!'

  5. I experienced slow service at Pizza Hut EC Mall before as well. We got up and left before anyone came to serve us!

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