Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Petrosains PlaySmart @ Yayasan Pahang, Kuantan

There is a great exhibition going on at Yayasan Pahang, Tanjong Lumpur, Kuantan, named "Petrosains PlaySmart". It's a science exhibition where children can learn about the rules of science in an exciting and fun way, through various games and exercises.

This exhibit is on until 2015, so there's plenty of time to visit and make return trips! Here's the address:

Petrosains PlaySmart Kuantan
Kompleks Yayasan Pahang,
Tanjung Lumpur,
26060 Kuantan,
Pahang Darul Makmur

We decided to check it out this morning, and we were pleased to see that we were the ONLY ones there! We had the entire room to ourselves. One of the staff came and showed Lauren around all the games.

Apparently it is MUCH busier at the weekends, so if you want to avoid the crush, come on a weekday.

There are plenty of activities for everyone.

Check out this hovering ball!

Lauren tried the standing long jump . . .

Leah tried the sprint. She clocked 2km/h haha!

Fidelia and Lauren tried their feet at tightrope walking.

And what did I enjoy the most? Anything that involves a football!

Football throwing speed. I got 56km/h...

Football target practice . . .

Fidelia gave it a try too . . .

Thinks she's Ryan Giggs with that trusty left foot!!!

Not bad technique . . .

No food and drinks are allowed inside, so I'd advise you to bring along plenty of liquids to keep in the car for when you're finished. This exhibition is quite a work-out!

I assembled this cube in no time!

Here we are with the "Head on Plate" mirror illusion:

Leah played in the balls for a while . . .

Playing around with another mirror illusion:

These lights appear to go for infinity . . .

We easily spent 2 hours at Petrosains PlaySmart Kuantan. There is just so much stuff to try out! Hopefully we'll be going back for another visit soon!


  1. I believe adults enjoy this exhibition as much as children! :-) Cool shots and great series.

  2. What a fun and an educational time out for the whole family.

  3. Estos lugares son fantásticos, además de divertidos aprendemos ciencia.
    Buenas tomas Duncan,un abrazo.

  4. Beautiful photos of this play palace, very nice for the kids.
    Greetings Irma

  5. What a wonderful space! And incredible variety of things to keep you occupied for hours - and great Ryan Giggs impression! :)

  6. Looks very interesting. Would love a visit there.

  7. Very funny pictures and very interesting exhibition!

  8. Looks like you had the most fun!

  9. Enjoyed reading :-)) Lovely place for the whole family ! Best wishes!

  10. hi duncan, this weekend from 13-15 spetember, there is a program for national day malaysia in petrosains..have another visit too..becoz its too fun...:-)


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