Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A toilet seat, a toilet roll, and a barrel of fun!

Recently I've been blogging about rainy days in Kuantan. It wears me down, both mentally and physically, but, if you're struggling to find ways to pass the time, I may have the answer!


The Crap Paper Game requires 2+ participants, a toilet seat, plenty of cheap toilet rolls, a stopwatch and a large bin bag.

Sit on the closed toilet seat and attach the toilet roll to the holder on the wall. Have somebody else stand by with a stopwatch (and another person with the camera, if you wish to record it!). When the clock starts, you are to unravel the toilet roll as fast as possible! The person with the quickest time wins! (You can have just one, or multiple rolls each)

Here is my Horne family World Record Roll of 7.35 seconds. Click the link below, enjoy the video, and try it out yourself!

Happy rolling!


  1. Very smooth moves there Duncan, you attained that record time with stylish maneuvers, cool head and a steady hand haha! Has your record been broken since then ?

  2. Hi Duncan.

    I found it strange your family are using toilet paper as opposed water. I understand about you but somehow little bit suprised considering the fact your wife is from my home state Sarawak.

    Usually we ibans and other natives from Sarawak using water to clean up.

    It must be hard for you to get used to our toilet condition here, don't you?

  3. Hello anonymous, this is just a fun game we play. We always use water when it comes to serious toilet business!


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