Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bugs love the rain, even if I don't!

In an earlier post, I had guessed that the rainy season in Kuantan had come to an end, but as you can see from the raindrops in this photograph, I spoke too soon!

You will also notice this intriguing bug that came to settle on our orchids yesterday afternoon.

It's cool and wet here in Kuantan, pretty miserable weather. Makes it especially nice when I come across a photo like this!


  1. You are a talented teacher and photographer, the pictures are great! I think I like more with colors!
    Happy Sunday to you and your family,

  2. That nice picture, excellent capture, gorgeous in both versions.

  3. All the rain will certainly keep the plants happy, as well as the bugs!

  4. Nice idea - the contrast in colours comparison. I think I prefere the black and white...

  5. I enjoyed both photos, terrific captures and an intriguing bug too!

  6. I love the rain too. It washes us clean.

  7. Wow the bug makes a great subject for photography. I prefer the coloured version.

  8. I'm jealous you have your own orchids, how lovely, will we be seeing more of them Duncan? Your shot of the bug is very good too. :-)

  9. Thanks for your thoughts about this photo! Maria, you can check out my nature blog for more orchid and bug photos at


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