Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Blog Tour featuring Julia Roberts, an old nature photo and the legend Roger Federer!

Can anyone believe it's the weekend again?! Today I'll tell you a little about what we've been doing this week and show you around  my blogs.

First up, we have been watching the movie "Mirror Mirror" starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins, with our students in our English classes this week. It's a great movie. We prepared 20 questions to test our students listening and comprehension skills. To read about the importance of listening in English, click the link to go to my latest post.

Next is an old photo but still one of my favourite nature pictures. Check it out at my nature blog. I've also adjusted this blog to make it easier to browse all of my photos on the same page. Go and have a look around at the beauty in Kuantan right here.

The final installment for today is Roger Federer. I miss watching him play now that the tennis season is over. It's been a good year for him. At my Roger Federer Shrine I'm discussing more about this tennis legend and what makes him so great. You could also submit an answer on 3 ongoing polls on the page!

I hope you'll find a little something here to light up your Saturday. Thank you for taking the tour, and I look forward to sharing more photos from my Canon EOS 650D with you next week!


  1. I saw Mirror Mirror recently too

  2. ✿ °•.¸♡¸.•°✿
    Je viens te souhaiter un agréable dimanche !

    BISES en direct de Thaïlande !
    ✿ °•.¸♡¸.•°✿

  3. Learning while watching movie, nice touch !

  4. I remember watching Mirror Mirror with my little cousin earlier this year! Just how funny are the credits at the end?!

  5. That's a good way to learn English, Duncan! I really think that you must be one of Roger's most ardent fans! I've often wondered how all that started.

  6. Watching movies or shows in other languages is such a good way to learn the language! (Someone once told me that 6 months of watching Mexican soap operas helped him become more fluent in Spanish than classes alone:)

  7. Seems like you all enjoyed the movie! Thanks for taking the time to contribute :)


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