Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bidding you a warm Welcome!

While out using my new Canon EOS 650D, I came across this very warm welcome sign outside a lovely corner house:

A welcome sign in Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan

Welcome to all my bloggy friends coming here today! Welcome to those who may be here for the first time too! I hope you'll enjoy your visit to my blog today. Come in and make yourself comfortable. I'd love to get in to the house of this welcome sign some day :)

P.S. It's been great to read reviews about my blog from 17 friends. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. It's great to know what you think about my blog, especially from those who don't leave a comment as often as others.

If you haven't left a short review of my blog, I'd love to hear from you too. You can submit your review right here at 

Just scroll down the page and leave me some love. I'm also planning to do something in return for all those who write a little review!


  1. You can really tell the image quality difference with this new camera, very cool capture!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful welcome.

  3. What are you thinking Duncan of, I am curious.

  4. It's a beautiful sign indeed!

  5. Thanks to those who have left a review for me. I am thinking of doing a little something to say thank stay tuned!


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