Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sentosa Boardwalk links island with mainland

So I made a quick visit to Singapore on Monday, taking a 6-hour bus from Kuantan before returning the next day. From 4-8pm I rode the MRT, visited the nex shopping mall in the North-east of Singapore, and strolled the Sentosa Boardwalk, the newest in a long line of attractions.

It all started at the Kranji MRT

I sat quietly on the train, looking at the people sitting opposite me, everyone civilised, no shouting or disturbing other passengers. An older woman nodded off, dropped her water bottle on the floor and immediately woke up with a shock! Two young men entered the train and immediately whipped out their hand-held computer devices. One was sitting next to me, intensely tapping buttons on a fighting game. A young girl checked herself in a small mirror, putting her hair into place and applying a little make-up here and there. A few policemen boarded the train and alighted a few stops later. 

Eventually we reached Bishan Interchange

This is part of the new Circle Line which has been partially completed, so I had to try it out.

A waterfall scene outside the Serangoon MRT

The nex shopping mall in Serangoon area:

The nex mall is too big to take in in one day, let alone the hour or so I spent there. I did stop for a KFC and was delighted to order these fantastic 'cheese fries'

And if you couldn't be occupied with the several floors of shops, there is a terrific sky roof garden on the roof. Check it out:

This water playground is popular with the children!

There is even a place to take your pet dog for a run around in a secluded spot

Here's an image from the water playground:

nex mall is beautifully decorated

Soon I continued my journey on the Circle line where I got off at Dhoby Ghaut Interchange, hopped on the North-east line and travelled down to Harbour Front.

I was lucky enough to catch the sunset at Harbour Front:

Here I am outside Vivo City mall:

I made a journey through Vivo City where I came out the other side straight onto the Boardwalk

The Sentosa Boardwalk is made up of beautifully lined wooden planks, where it gets its name from. Here is a view of the Boardwalk from outside Vivo City mall:

You'll have to be careful where you walk in some places which contain water...

Warm lighting fills the Sentosa Boardwalk

Grabbed another picture of the sky at sunset from the Boardwalk:

A view of one of the restaurants on the Sentosa Boardwalk:

I enjoyed observing these wire structures of people playing some kind of sports:

Any ideas what sports they're playing, or what they're doing???

Here, two visitors check their pictures of this lighted stairway on Sentosa Boardwalk:

A view of Sentosa Boardwalk as it stretches into the distance towards Resorts World Sentosa:

At this section, some wooden panels on the Boardwalk come alight at night:

These obelisk-like towers emitted the colours of the rainbow to light up the far end of Sentosa Boardwalk:

With a quick swipe of my ezlink card which deducted one dollar, I was permitted to continue my journey on the Boardwalk a little further into an area surrounding Resorts World Sentosa.

An artificial cave was the next thing to greet me:

Saw this little light box on the floor, and took this picture of it. It looks magical!

Here are those wire structures, as seen at night:

Again, who can tell me what they're doing?

I love the night scenes in Singapore

I managed to capture the purple glow of the lightning strike in this picture of the Sentosa Boardwalk:

A final image of Sentosa Boardwalk looking back towards the mainland with all the illuminated buildings along the banks of Harbour Front, reflecting beautifully in the water.


  1. I would love to live in Singapore babe! So many stuff to do and see there.. so lovely and sophisticated... maybe one day! :))

  2. Thanks Allah, Duncan & family had their Malaysian visa extended again. Enjoy your stay in Kuantan and with God bless always.

  3. Hello, Duncan! Those are some top-notch photos you got there! My wife and I will be returning to Singapore and Malaysia for a visit come September, and we are absolutely thrilled to see some of the new sights you have presented! Well done!

    P.S. If I'm not mistaken, I believe those wire structures are playing an assortment of musical instruments; in particular, ahorn/trumpet and a saxophone.

  4. Every time I see such nice photos from Singapore I am amazed by the modern design of the constructions. I like those wire men and the water playground. It looks like a great place to spend a day.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. Daniel C, the 'C' for Canaveral is it?? You know what, I showed my English students this blog post and they immediately informed me that the wire structures were playing musical instruments and I felt just a little stupid! I was so set on them playing some kind of sports. You're right!

    Traveling Hawk, a day is certainly not enough! To see everything in Singapore you'll need at least a couple of weeks. Every time I return there is always something new, it's quite amazing!

    My wife, I'm not so sure that living there would be as exciting as visiting there. Who knows?!

    mac-and-me, I appreciate your regular contributions.

    Anonymous, thank you for your support!

  6. these pictures are amazing! It just makes me wish I was there with you! Breath-taking! :)

  7. Bz, I'd recommend you take your next holiday there!


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