Saturday, March 5, 2011

Interesting Blogs Given Award

I've been away from the blogosphere for a fair few days but glad that people have still found my blog interesting enough to visit! I've not been well, suffering from tiredness and headaches, not helped by my restless daughter waking up every night disturbing our sleep. I have the problem of when I wake up during the night, I find it extremely difficult to get back to sleep again. And once sleep is lost . . .

During this last week I received a "Stylish Blogger Award" from Carolyne, who writes a very nice column about New York City here:      NYC blog     Take a few moments to go and check it out.

Thanks Carolyne, for the recognition. I forget how I first came across her blog, but it's one of the few blogs that I regularly return to and enjoy reading, so she must be doing something right!

This is actually the first time I've come across a blog "award" and I was a little apprehensive about it so I asked the question in a google forum. I received a host of answers from a few different people telling me opposing points of view on the matter. One said how dangerous these "awards" can be as you never know what scammers have joined this "link farm" as they put it. Your blog may be at risk of deletion if it is in any way connected to a scammer blog during the history of this certain "award" being handed down.

Another told me how there is no real danger as blogs contain a vast number of links to all sorts of sites one may have an interest in, and simply linking to a few of your favourite blogs doesn't make yours a scamming one.

One thing in common was the fact that the "rules" of receiving and passing on this "award" are not concrete things you have to follow to the letter, but it would be a good idea to at least do something similar. And it would obviously be a good idea to only award blogs which you know are not fishy and you are familiar with.

So it goes something like this: Thank the person who gave you this award. Check. Share their blog link. Check. Write seven things about yourself. Below. Select 15* other blogs you wish to award. Below.
(* 15 being the subjective number here)

With all of that out the way, I have taken some time and come up with seven blogs which I follow and read often, whom I'd like to recognise with the "Stylish Blogger Award".

But first, seven facts about me which you may not have known before:

  1. I have spent 21 years of my life in England, where I'm from, and seven years in various parts of Malaysia and Singapore.
  2. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not brainwashed and I won't make it my agenda to bombard you with my faith.
  3. I like re-arranging the furniture in my house. We do it at least three times a year. It certainly keeps my tuition students on their toes!
  4. I am passionate about photography, writing, football, Roger Federer and acquiring knowledge.
  5. I have been writing the first draft of a novel for the past four years.
  6. I hate losing at anything. It just makes me want to win all the more, next time.
  7. If I start doing anything, it has to be done perfectly. I believe in completing a task to the best of your ability.

Now for seven blogs you should pay a visit to: : My sister's blog showcases her photography in Leicester, England and Utah, U.S.A. She is a freelance photographer in Leicester, England, waiting for you to give her a call if you're in the area. : One of the best food blogs I've come across with a plethora of great pictures, recipes and stories. : An intriguing account of this person's travels, currently focusing on India. The pictures are revealing and the writing makes you feel as though you are truly there. : This woman is an avid writer who lives in my hometown of Leicester, England. She brings up some important issues and writes informative posts. : There are so many photo blogs around but I keep returning to this one because of the high quality photos which give a lovely view of Romania. : I am a teacher and this is an extremely useful site I came across, sharing many great ideas to help improve your teaching skills. : This Swede has a great photo blog with some stunning scenes of nature and wildlife. Judging by the volume of comments, he's very popular!


    1. well done on getting an award !

    2. Thanks, it came as a complete surprise!

    3. There are a lot of fun things to do on Cape Cod. It is an exciting place where you can find amazing beaches, great lodging, good food and wonderful people! Thanks for sharing.

    4. Thank you so much for including me in your prestigious list of award recipients. I'm so pleased that you enjoy reading my posts.

      I have trouble with the routine of sleeping too. Once I've had a few disturbed nights it becomes a rather nasty habit. Hope you manage to break it soon.

      Loved reading your 7 interesting facts. Funnily enough the one that made me gasp was about the furniture. I have real trouble rearranging furniture. In fact I go round making sure everything is exactly where it always has been... but I'm with you on number 6. I hate losing too.

      Thanks again for the award. I will be sure to pass it on shortly.

    5. Thank you, Duncan, for considering my blog worthy for that award!

    6. gonna check em out, thanks for the heads up

    7. Congratulations for the award! Your blog is really nice to read.
      And hoping you are up to recovery phase.....

    8. ...and I've now thanked you officially on my blog :-)

    9. Thanks for the congratulations, and well done to those who received the award!

      Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you'll continue to enjoy my writing :)

    10. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog :) I'm on my way to check out some of the blogs your awarded :) I love blog-trotting! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your mark! :) Enjoy your day!

    11. Congratulations, Duncan! Thank you so much for sharing the award with me. I really do appreciate it. I hope you are feeling better and that your little one is sleeping through the night. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

    12. Congrat Duncan !! You are sure worth it, a very nice blog you have and you keep it updated in spite of the "unsleepy" nights!

      And of course - Thank you very much for giving me the award and that you like my blog!! I am a part time bloger and receiving the award makes me very happy and honored!
      Best wishes to you,

    13. Thanks for returning the favour, Bz!

      Mary and Lasse, you are more than welcome. You both have great blogs and I'm a fan! The disturbed nights of sleep are mostly continuing, but that's one of the things about parenting - it won't be forever!

    14. Well, thank you Duncan! It is a honour for me !

      I will put your blog in my blogroll, too!
      I wish you a great spring!

    15. You're welcome, Wind!

      We are not so fortunate in Malaysia to enjoy a "spring". The only seasons we have here are 10 months of 'hot' and 2 months of 'wet'!


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