Friday, March 11, 2011

Bukit Sekilau Botanical Garden (Part 1)

It is my great privilege to be able to walk around my little neighbourhood of Bukit Sekilau and feel that I'm walking through a botanical garden paradise. I don't have to go far with camera in hand, when I feel like taking pictures. The following photographs were all taken within 100 yards of my house.

There are two really great times of day for taking pictures. In the morning with the first light of day and, as on this occasion, in the fading light of evening

Before I go ahead with the flower pictures, I want to point out this monitor lizard I spotted in the drain:

On with the botanic tour . . . 

This is a passion fruit tree

Orchids in a friend's front garden:

Look carefully at this flower in bud. What does it look like?

Yes, it has the remarkable resemblance of a bird!!!

Passion fruit and star fruit grow here...

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Which is your favourite picture?


  1. Aren't orchids exotic?!
    They don't smell as good as English roses, but they definitely have some je ne sais quoi factor!

    I miss monitor lizards, house geckos, etc.
    I used to keep house geckoes when I was little as pet! Ha!

    Guess what, I haven't been to Kuantan! Shame, I know...
    But I have been to the Cameron Highlands in Pahang.
    My hometown is in Johor, just 2 hours away from Singapore but car.

  2. Hi, Duncan. Is that ylang-ylang in your last photo? I love the smell of that.

    I like your flower photographs esp the one that resembles a bird.

  3. Well London Caller, my wife is scared of geckos!

    Rizalenio, I have no idea what the item in the last photo is called!

    Mac-and-me, nature always amazes me :)

  4. Enjoyed the tour...
    Where was it taken and who does it depict?
    It is in Selangor, from Klang go down south towards a small town called Jenjarom. The temple is called "Dong Zhen" 佛光山东禅寺 ...
    The status suggest and promotes the reading of the sacred manuals; thus ... 誦讀聖言 ...

  5. Thanks for coming back to answer my question, WCW.

  6. re Rizalenio: Yes, that's a ylang ylang tree.

    Ha ha! Geckos play an important role in controlling pest populations.

  7. very nice place u have got

  8. I like the orchids photos but also the ylang-ylang, which I see for the first time!

    I saw geckos in India.

  9. This is all so so pretty!


  10. If thats ylang ylang, then it looks as beautiful as it smells. It is my favourite essential oil and I use it regularly.

  11. oh, it is very beautiful! I love flowers. yours Orchids are wonderful!I follow you. a great blog^_^

  12. Mum, I never knew you were a ylang ylang user! I better stop and smell it next time!

    SciReg, thanks for the follow, and to all, for your comments.


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