Friday, March 25, 2011

Pasar Malam (night market) in Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan

"Pasar Malam" is the Malay words which mean 'night market' in English. Every Thursday evening there is a pasar malam in Bukit Sekilau, just a short walk from my house. It involves a number of stalls stretching for 150 metres on a village road in Bukit Sekilau. As you'll see from the pictures, a variety of foods and other things are sold at this weekly pasar malam.

I ordered my favourite, nasi dagang, which is rice with a piece of fish and curry. The rice is wrapped in the green banana leaves, the fish curry tied with rubber bands in small plastic bags.It costs just RM2.

This portable restaurant on wheels sells steamboat food, in particular fish...

My wife's favourite here. This Chinese food is called 'Pau' and is like a white bread which may contain a variety of different fillings...

Foods waiting to be fried and sold...

My wife loves this little pink dessert...

Can any Malaysians help me to identify this little treat?

A variety of fruits are sold at this stall. The big green one is soursop, and makes for a delicious drink. At far left is a fruit named 'jambu air' or water apple. The fruit 'longan' can be seen at far right, but I'm not sure what the small orange-coloured fruits are?

Our favourite drink, 'air tebu' or sugar cane! Every time we go to the pasar malam we will buy this gorgeous drink.

This is the sugar cane juice extractor machine. The man simply pushes in sticks of sugar cane at the top of the machine. The dried stalks come out and fall on the floor at the bottom; the juice is caught behind in a container...

Here's one of a handful of clothes stalls...

We also bought some 'satay' - flame-grilled chicken or beef on a stick with peanut sauce...

Finally, here are some paper cars, which the Chinese use to burn as an offering for the dead...


  1. They are Ang Ku kueh, if I'm not mistaken.
    Gosh, looking through your photos just make me miss Malaysian food so much -- air tebu, pau and all the lovely food in Malaysia. I used to take those local foods for granted, because they were everywhere, but coming to Australia, I realised what a treasure it was, amongst many other great aspects of Malaysia. Thanks for sharing.

  2. yang putih duduk dalam daun pandan itu tepong pelita.yang merah/pink itu rasanya sejenis kueh babanyonya.

    kamu dari leicester dan kini tinggal dikuantan. saya dari kuantan dan pernah tinggal di leicester, di highfield,you know,to be with the hommies,ahaks.dan kini pulang ke kuantan.

    mungkin kita boleh berjumpa dan bercerita (mengenai kampung kita) ahaks.

    cari rajawali artstudio internationale di facebook.saya ada disana.

  3. Thank you for these pictures; it makes one feel like they just went through a street market!! I'm especially impressed with the food stands. Everything looks so neat with attention to presentation. I loved the variety in fruits; I would have tried that ;)

  4. I like Pasar Malam. And that nasi dagang is so cheap! I don't think I've ever came across nasi dagang that only cost RM2.

  5. Yet again you've shown me life from what feels to me like a completely different world. I would love to see, smell, taste... especially taste all the wonderful things in Pasar Malam.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  6. A great post, Duncan! Even if I have seen Chinese and Indian street markets, this one is different.

  7. yeap! They are "Ang Ku Kueh". My super favourite since i was a kid.

    There are 3 types of filling. Grounded peanuts or green bean or red bean paste.

    Make of glutinous rice flour. love it:)

  8. Michelle and Angelyne, thanks for the clarification on the Ang Ku Kueh. Now my wife can put a name to those little pink foods she loves!

    abdullah jones, with the help of my wife's translation I was able to read your comment! I'll go check out that facebook page.

    Carolyne, perhaps your next voyage could be to Malaysia?

    Rosalind, you should save up your pennies and head over here for a holiday some time!

    Angel, it may only be RM2 but it tastes lovely as well!

    mac-and-me, thanks for reading...

    Traveling Hawk, I guess you can find something new in everything you see.

  9. Arhhhh...your blog makes me homesick! T_T But still, thank you for sharing!

  10. "but I'm not sure what the small orange-coloured fruits are?"

    Those are known as buah kundang. It's sweet and sour in taste, in fact one of my favourites :D Give it a go. It's seasonal though.

  11. Pipi, you're welcome.

    The Devil's Playmate, thank you very much for the clarification. Can 'buah kundang' be translated to English?

  12. goosshh...really missed that Pasar Malam!!thanks 4 sharing.Kuantan will forever be in my mind!!

  13. You're welcome, anonymous. We regularly go to this night market.


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