Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Strange Day

Have you ever had a day pass by which you wondered where it went? What day is it?

Today was one of those, quite a boring day in Kuantan.

It started with the sound of rain pounding the tin roofs outside. And it rained the whole day until 6pm. That was quite depressing, compared to the burning hot sunshine we have been enjoying the last few weeks.

Lauren then decided that she would have a tantrum, which lasted almost 2 hours. She was crying non-stop, shouting, screaming, hitting the furniture, banging her feet on the floor, hitting me and Fie. No matter what we tried, nothing would pacify her. Eventually we persuaded her to have a shower and after that she fell asleep. We don't know what exactly brought this on; it's the first time she's ever had such a lengthy, full-on tantrum. Maybe this is payback for me when I used to burden my mum with such temper-tantrums?

Anyway, I wanted to write an interesting blog post today but we have been putting up with a slow computer, one of my pet hates. I read how Subway has now overtaken McDonalds as the leading restaurant chain in the world, but then I couldn't find the article again at Yahoo!

Secondly, I considered about writing a little about World War 2, as I've started studying it for the last few days. But that's all easily accessible on the internet anyway.

I wanted t do a post about a walk around my little village with many photos of what I saw, but due to the slow computer, I'd never get round to shrinking the size of the pictures and watermarking them in time. So that will be coming at a later date.

So instead, you have this little written article about my very average day in Kuantan. I've had many extraordinary and adventurous days here, but today was just one of those days that seem to pass by as completely unforgettable and uneventful.

We did have quite a good sleep last night, but when one thing ends, another thing starts. I wonder how many more temper-tantrums Lauren will put us through?

After a day like this, I'm now off to buy roti canai! That's the first thing today that sounds really good!


  1. We all have such days, when time is pouring between the fingers...may be our body and mind are screaming for a pause :) A long rainy day isn't so awful after all, one may do something special, something for the own self. Who knows? May be we should welcome such days too :)

  2. I think most parents wonder if their children's tantrums are 'pay back time'. I can certainly remember my two throwing terrible tantrums and I know I did it too. It's a stage in life that passes but feels a lot longer while you're going through it than when you've gone through it.

    Hope your internet speeds up again soon. Looking forward to those photos of your village.

  3. Thanks, mac-and-me.

    Traveling Hawk, thank you for your positivity. We do need days in which we can unwind, relax from the stresses of life, and re-focus our goals.

    Rosalind, it's always reassuring when you discover other parents who have been through the same experiences with their children! Thanks!


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