Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup on a 27" screen

The FIFA World Cup in South Africa is now on its sixth day but I haven't as yet blogged anything about it. The matches are a bit boring in all honesty, and apart from Germany's demolition of Australia, there haven't been many goals to get excited about.

The opening match of the tournament was one of the more entertaining affairs. A magnificent defence-splitting pass followed by a finish to match gave South Africa the lead.

Mexico's star Giovanni Dos Santos was impressive, linking midfield with attack, providing the creative spark for all of Mexico's attacks. He looked very much like a Ronaldinho at Barcelona. After 45 minutes I had warmed to this guy and I think he's going to be an absolute star - maybe not in this World Cup but definitely in the future. He has more skill in his two feet than the entire England team put together.

There have been a number of boring games which have been compounded by England's poor result against the U.S of A which seemed to deflate a nation after such high hopes. But South Africa, Mexico, France, Italy, Portugal and Ivory Coast all likewise began their campaigns with draws. I am hoping the World Cup heats up as we go into the 2nd round of group matches today.

We have a 27" screen Sony TV to watch the games on and so far that's going well and has enhanced our viewing pleasure - we're just waiting for more entertaining games.

It weighs a tonne but we're grateful to our friend Raymond, for his generosity in offering this TV set to us.

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