Friday, June 25, 2010

Teluk Chempedak Shells

We had a jolly time at Teluk Chempedak on a warm overcast afternoon earlier this week. Gaz and I came equipped with our cameras and immediately got to work as we reached the shore, where a collection of broken shells and complete ones laid idly on the sand.

Lauren found this delicately designed specimen and came racing over to us to have us snap pictures of it!

Gaz taking a picture of one of the plethora of sea shells strewn across the beach

Love the hand-shaped shell to the right

The views of Teluk Chempedak

Living a short 20-minute drive from this paradise is a luxury for which I grow more thankful each time I visit this place. There is a relaxing atmosphere at the beach, seeing the waves lap up to the shoreline, feeling warm sand beneath ones feet, and looking out to the horizon. It's good to be living in Kuantan!

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