Monday, June 14, 2010

A bunch of monkeys indeed

I am sick and tired and fed up of England football team.

I am sorry to say that they are simply incapable and inept when it comes to the world stage. We have a decent starting 11 but a lousy back up of players. Our players can't handle pressure or perform when it matters. Our inability to beat a team where football is not amongst the first three sports in that country, shows how weak we are. That is an absolute embarrassment, particularly as Gerrard said before the USA game that we were going to show to the world what we are capable of. (Laughing my head off!)

We now go into a must-win match against Algeria with self-imposed added pressure because of an awful mistake from an awful goalkeeper who shouldn't even be in the squad of 23, let alone the number one keeper! Come on Capello!!! Everyone knows Joe Hart is easily our best and most in-form keeper!!!

And now it seems that Ledley King will be missing the rest of the tournament - surprise, surprise. This is the guy who is injured every week of the year, every season of his career, an eternal cripple, and he somehow gets called up to the England squad? Nothing about our selection or team or squad makes sense. We will be lucky to make it out of the group now. Worryingly we are now left with centre-backs as follows: Jamie Carragher, Matthew Dawson, Matthew Upson. Doesn't exactly fill me with confidence. We will soon get found out big time.

I've lost all interest in England's world cup adventure...but anyway, it won't last long.

Roll on Roger Federer and Wimbledon! I prefer to watch someone with a little quality.

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