Friday, June 11, 2010

Gaz is here, World Cup starting tonight!

My brother, Gaz, arrived safely and well on Wednesday and is still adjusting to the new time here. He has struck up a good relationship with Lauren, who busily speaks with him and plays toys with him. At the moment however, he is too busy on his ipod to build things with Lauren, so she's just doing it herself, but with running commentary!

The World Cup is starting tonight and I'm suddenly terribly excited. The kick-off seems to have crept up out of the blue and now it's here. South Africa, the hosts, begin their quest against Mexico today, and then England get started tomorrow with an interesting one against USA.

We are anxious to watch the football on our new 27" screen and to enjoy all the channels on Astro featuring the World Cup. I'm getting a slight headache so I'm off to switch on the TV, pop a caffox, eat some fish, and sit back and relax in front of the box.

Can England really do it and go all the way? Or will it all end in tears again? Is Gerrard a suitable captain? Will Rooney be fighting fit and fresh? Who will partner Terry in defence? And who will our goalkeeper be? (Seems obvious to me - Joe Hart) All will be answered soon!


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