Friday, June 4, 2010

Princess Fidelia

It's nice to 'doll yourself up' once in a while. Last week Fidelia did just that as she attended her staff dinner night at the Swiss Garden Resort and Spa Hibiscus Ballroom. There was much planning beforehand concerning her dress, new contact lens and make up. Here it is, in pictures, as Fie transformed into Princess Fidelia for a night.

Grey contact lens

Long, stick-on eyelashes

And now, the dress, borrowed from a friend...

A trial at home a couple days before the event...

Our neighbour, Shirley Tong, helped Fie to do her make-up and nails

Beauty and the Beast

And on the night of the staff dinner...


  1. Beauty, yes.
    Beast, NO.

  2. The longer I'm married to Fidelia, the more I realise I'm not that pretty! And the less it seems to matter, too.


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