Friday, August 7, 2009

A House of Order

We have been cleaning and re-arranging the house in preparation for the arrival of my sister-in-law, Florina (Urai) on Sunday. We got rid of the layers of dust stashed away behind the wardrobe and in various other places, and performed our own sort of Feng Shui in re-arranging our room to simplify it and make it look bigger.

There is now space either side of the bed and a lot more space at the entrance to the room, as we removed Lauren's play cot which she barely ever uses. I realise that there should be a place for everything, and everything in it's place. Feels a lot better when it's clean and organised.

The green stack of drawers we bought for Urai, along with a small and rather cute-looking study table which is in my tuition room.

We also bought this ironing board which is being beautifully modelled by our daughter Lauren...

Urai is moving in with us here in Kuantan and will be attending the Methodist Girls School starting next Monday. This will be a first experience for my wife and I in looking after a teenager. But we are all excited for the switch and look forward to good times ahead. If the past is anything to go by, you could expect a few more pictures like this...


  1. hi,

    i heard that the bed is not supposed to face the door. May be you can switch the bed position by facing the wall on your left or right when you sleep. As we should avoid the "qi" hit us directly when open the room door.

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment.

    I guess I'm not stuck in such superstition like all this Feng Shui "business", if you get what I mean. People earn a lot of money out of naive customers!

    Anyhow, we regularly change the shape of our room and the position of furniture. I've noticed no difference whatsoever in the quality of my life whether the bed is facing one wall, the door, the window.

    Currently we have moved our bedroom to a different, bigger room and the bed is facing the wall, albeit the same wall where the door is found, over to the left.


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