Monday, August 3, 2009

Hong Kong Food and Tea Restaurant

(March 2015 update: unfortunately, Hong Kong Food & Tea is no longer in service at EC Mall Kuantan)

We decided to eat out at the Hong Kong Food and Tea Restaurant this lunchtime. This is a tried-and-tested eatery so we knew we were in for a good meal. There is a nice serene atmosphere in this restaurant as the soft music plays in the background. And despite a huge picture of Hong Kong city losing its stickiness at the corners, the restaurant is impeccably kept.

When we arrived at just after 11.30am we had the entire place to ourselves. Lauren chose our place to sit from a vast array of options. I think we must have been the first customers of the day.

After spending a portion of time browsing through the menus and trying to stop Lauren from tearing one of the smaller menus up, I decided to order a ham and pineapple focaccia, whilst Fie opted for her favourite black pepper pork rice, and we requested a side order of French Fries for Lauren.

Now we normally order our favourite chocolate and strawberry milkshakes, but recently we have resumed making home-made milkshakes from susu and vanilla ice-cream, so we went for fizzy lemon ribena.

That was delicious and very refreshing. Lauren was determined to get the piece of lemon out of the jug but was disappointed when she finally got it into her mouth!!! The food was nice yet again although Fie's dish was a little spicier than usual, she said. The bill came to RM26.90 with a 10% service charge but we struggled to find any evidence as to why the service charge could be so high.

Anyway, we do like the food there and we will be there again sometime in the future.

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