Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Teluk Chempedak Fun

Yesterday was a glorious day in Kuantan and I just had to go out and enjoy the sunshine. I persuaded my wife and Urai to come along too, although we did wait until 4pm to do it! We are being blessed with gorgeous sunny days and rainy cool nights at the moment, so I'm trying to make the most of it, because hey, not everyone lives 15 minutes from a beach!

We arrived at the beach and sat under a piece of shade from a nearby tree, and then wondered what to do. I soon got busy doing the thing I came here to do...

Well, that sunbathing only lasted a few minutes, although next time I would like to lie on the warm sand for much longer.

My little daughter Lauren really enjoyed herself at the beach this time, and even went with her aunty Urai down to the sea to play in the cool shallow water. We were pleasantly surprised!

My wife is not one for taking hundreds of pictures, striking numerous poses. She is too beautiful for that and reserves her beauty for the very special moments. However, I did manage to get one snap out of her!

Urai and I just had to do something, so we made a little collection of action photos which we laugh at a lot as we look back on them. Here are a few examples of what we got up to...

I love to be by the sea and to appreciate the scenery, especially on bright, sunny, beautiful days. Here a couple of pictures my curiosity took...

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