Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kuantan Hotels

During the last week I have braved the blistering Sun, expended great amounts of energy cycling around Kuantan on my bicycle, and admired the luxury of this city's top hotels. I have the sunburn to prove it too!

My wife and I decided we would love to stay at a hotel for a night some time in the future, just to kick back and relax for once, to refresh our bodies in the luxury of a hotel, to not have to cook dinner, do the washing, bring the bed out, and all the other house chores for a day and a night. So I have been busy surveying a collection of the best hotels in Kuantan, and here are the results.

1. Grand Continental

Well, let's say the exterior does stand out in the Kuantan landscape, but the interior is far less impressive. The giant marble door handles are as far as the quality goes. The hotel appeared to be quite poorly maintained as I perused it's corridors. The room rate of RM161 per night, not including breakfast, is arguable. Even the swimming pool, as seen below, is not that impressive and is hidden away behind a couple of ballrooms.

2. Shahzan Inn

I really enjoyed the Shahzan Inn during my brief visit there. Maybe it was enhanced because I had just arrived after the disappointing Grand Continental experience. Anyway, the hotel has a simple layout and great views of the city from the 14th floor.

The swimming pool is rather small but kind of cute, the sort of pool that you would probably have to yourself the entire day, so if you're after a private swim, this might be perfect. The rate of RM150 including breakfast is encouraging too.

On my way out of the hotel I stopped at the second floor and took this lovely view of the chandelier hanging amidst the spiralling stairs.

I was rather impressed with the hotel and the price.

3. LA Hotel
This is a smaller hotel situated a stone's throw from our house and directly opposite East Coast Mall, the Stadium, and the Bus Terminal - ideal for travelling tourists who want to cut down on travel time between arrival and hotel check-in.

A very modest RM95 per night fee is charged for a very modest hotel. There are no elevators, just two sets of stairs leading to the first and then second floors.

4. M.S. Garden Hotel

This was the second most expensive hotel I checked out, and it was well worth the RM262 room rate. I was informed by the concierge that the rooms start at Deluxe level - they don't do standard here. The rooms are very large which is just what I like. Breakfast is included in the price. There are many shops and restaurants to keep oneself busy too, and which will also empty your wallet rather quickly!

The swimming pool area is spacious and impressive, much more so than the Shahzan Inn's pool. There is much to see and do at M.S. Garden Hotel, and it lies in prime position in the heart of Kuantan city centre.

5. Vistana

The Vistana Hotel is situated on the road that leads directly to the popular beach, Teluk Chempedak, and is also just around the corner from the city centre, enabling one to live the best of both worlds.

This is a luxurious hotel and I soon discovered that as a visitor only, I had limited access. A card is required in each elevator to take you up to the rooms. I did manage to rise to the first floor where a few shops littered the level, along with this pretty looking flower display.

Priced at RM241 including breakfast, it is one of the more pricy hotels, but appears to be well worth it.

6. Hotel Seri Malaysia

Just beside the Vistana is this rather odd looking hotel which doesn't really look like a hotel at all. There were a number of what looked like entrances, but luckily I selected the right one. There were no signs of the rooms however until I discovered them from the side road at the Vistana Hotel.

It was actually the second cheapest hotel in my survey, and though it looks quite nice from this picture, and is priced at just RM140 per night with breakfast, it is largely dwarfed by it's more illustrious neighbour, the Vistana.

7. Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort

Well well well, I have saved the best for last. The Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort is the most beautiful and luxurious hotel I have seen here. From the moment I entered it's compound, I could smell quality in the air. I even spotted a few monkeys playing in the trees near the entrance.

The woman at the reception desk was friendly and helpful and spoke in excellent English. The lobby was stunning, a vast area with ample seating and water displays with a lovely sea breeze drifting in from the South China Sea.

I loved everything about this hotel. There is a tennis court in lovely gardens, and rooms which overlook the sea.

It has such a tropical feel to it accompanied by a real relaxing holiday atmosphere that keeps drawing me to it like opposite ends of a magnet homing in to each other.

Even the sign boards dotted around the corridors are gorgeously designed in simplicity.

The room rates start at RM310 but from what I saw about this resort, I would gladly pay a larger fee to stay in such a glorious place. This is by far my favourite of all the hotels and I hope we can stay here just for one night some time in the future.


  1. u should try swiss garden too..

  2. Please check out my stay at the Swiss Garden by copy and pasting this link into your browser:


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