Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where have the teachers gone?

Urai came home from school this afternoon extremely excited. I wondered if she had been thrilled doing another chemistry experiment or cutting open a frog. But no, she told us that there weren't any teachers whatsoever in any of their classes today! Can you believe it?! No-one knew where the teachers were or why they hadn't arrived to teach the class. So they all just played around with someone's camera, snapping pictures for fun all morning! No headmistresses came to check on the class. What's going wrong with schools here? Can anyone help me out with this?

I wait with excitement to see all the pictures these girls managed to take while the teachers were nowhere to be seen!


  1. As far as I know that the schools here (malaysia) are... am speechless.
    Same as St Thomas primary school, teachers attend the class late...sometimes teacher went shopping during their working hour..

    I wonder how are the schools back in UK? In Malaysia, we have double standards of a lot of things.. real embarasing.

    I really hope that those teachers that have no love for the children, please resign. Please dont teach.
    Children need love, doesnt matter if they are naughty or not. I believe that if the teachers are loving enough & not arrogant. A "naughty" child will eventually change.

    But we are facing the worst problem now. The govt is changing the Science & Maths subjects to Bahasa Melayu again.... Pity the children.

    And the Bahasa Melayu is going to be Melayish.
    I just realised that, apparently there are so many new Malay words newly invented. Not sure which idiot's work.

    Can you imagine:
    Identity (Eng)= aidentiti (BM)
    Communication (eng) = communikasi (BM)

    What a joke!!

  2. Thanks for the lengthy comment, anonymous. I am in complete agreement with everything you have mentioned. Malaysia has a long, long way to go to achieve their "Vision 2020". We are now half way there but the development across all sectors doesn't even seem to be half way, particularly the attitude of some teachers!


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