Sunday, August 9, 2009

East Coast Mall, Kuantan

East Coast Mall Saturday was buzzing with excitement as the 'Sunshine' Academy thrilled us with their nifty dance moves and songs for 3 action-packed hours. Well, maybe that dramatic introduction is a little over-exaggerated, but it was an easy way to spend some time on a hot and lazy Saturday afternoon, where the air-con ruled and the entertainment pleased.
Girls of various ages performed numerous dance routines throughout the near three-hour presentation in a variety of eye-catching costumes. For the sake of preserving modesty, I didn't take any pictures of the 'sexiest' act of the afternoon where teenage girls danced around provocatively in hot-pants and skimpy t-shirts, attracting a whole host of men of varied ages.

All in all, it was an entertaining programme, my baby daughter was silenced while the loud music was playing, and she even got herself two balloons to her delight! Following are pictures of some of the highlights of the afternoon...

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