Friday, January 17, 2014

Top 20 Photos of 2013 - #4


The Exterminator. On a sunny Saturday afternoon in 2013 we were evacuated from our apartment as health officials came to do their business in response to a case of dengue fever. The Exterminator was thrust into action. This powerful gun emits mosquito repellent in billowing clouds of destruction, smothering the outside surroundings, the underground drains and inside every apartment. Dengue fever is a serious concern in Malaysia, which is heightened as irresponsible individuals casually throw litter in drains, causing a build-up of stagnant water. Mosquitoes' favourite conditions to breed. We stood outside watching the scene unfold as the loud whir of The Exterminators filled the cloudy air. Young children were afraid; I snapped away with my camera. Yes, there are opportunities for photos in every situation; opportunities to create an image of time which tells a very important story; opportunities which can create awareness in otherwise unconcerned or ignorant minds.


  1. True...
    Incredible capture, Duncan.

  2. Impressive! Dengue fever is dangerous, it's good to prevent it and those insects.
    Happy Friday and a nice weekend to you and your adorable family!

  3. Lots of mosquitos during the raining season, its good that they exterminate those insects..

  4. Unusual and a bit scary: I like this one!

  5. Yikes that sounded nothing further.
    Good thing they have the cure for this kind of thing.
    The picture is absolutely superb.
    Imagine coming up with the idea to shoot when they reorganize.

  6. I missed the rounds yesterday--this shot is amazing. Dengue... Yes, also a concern in my part of the world. I've had it once; not a pleasant experience. In the Dominican Republic they actually have little carts that troll through the big resorts and spray a non-toxic (to humans) mosquito repellent, in order to keep dengue at bay. Yep, every evening, sometimes more than once.

  7. Lauren was worried about you when you went nearer to get this shot!! You are one brave photographer!!

  8. Great shot! You're so right that sometimes even the most seemingly unphotogenic subject can produce a great shot!


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