Friday, January 10, 2014

Top 20 Photos of 2013 - #11


The second photo from the Chin Swee temple complex in Genting Highlands. At 6,000ft above sea level, this is a place with a view. The temple and its grounds are stunning. We found ourselves caught in an all-encompassing mist that seemed to sweep in from nowhere, blocking all options of a landscape shot. Then suddenly the mist departed and was replaced with sunshine and clear skies. The weather changes quickly up here, so this photo was very opportune. I captured the pagoda, the hills, a line of clouds and the sky above. Unlucky not to make the top 10!


  1. Few times I have been to Genting Highlands, but I never been to this temple. Definitely gonna go there sometime. Nice shot btw!

  2. Too bad the pagoda is closed. I think people tried to commit suicide from there when they lost a lot of money to gambling at Genting Highlands. It would be a lovely view from the top of the pagoda if we were allowed to enter. :D

  3. What a great looking shaolin temple.. Maybe's someone is practising kung fu inside..

  4. Oh, oh, oh What a great image.
    Sharp colors and comp perfectly.
    How lucky that the fog disappeared and the sun peeked out.
    I am speechless with admiration.
    Completely fantastiskat.

  5. I like this view with a great frame and delicious colors!

  6. Lovely! And how lucky indeed. Part of what I love about photography is the sense of "right place, right time". Sometimes it seems like the universe aligns itself so that you can take that one shot, and that makes me feel a part of a whole.

  7. You are right. We would not get to see this if you choose to shelf it. Like Khai, I;ve been to Genting a couple of times, but I never seen this Pagoda.Hmm...must locate it when I next go there again.
    Very nice shot.

  8. Amazing picture: we are getting better and better!

  9. Love this one. Maybe it's my new favorite of yours. Now I'm confused! Awesome work!


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