Monday, January 20, 2014

Top 20 Photos of 2013 - #1


So this is my favourite photo of 2013. Welcome to the outer courtyard of Masjid Negara (National Mosque) in KL. Notice the intricate Arabic characters on the wall to the right, the almost flat pointed roof of the mosque, and the distinctively Islamic patterns on the wall and ground. What I love the most is the Muslim woman in traditional baju kurung and tudung, purposefully striding across the grounds.

Thank you for following my countdown of my 20 favourite photos of 2013. I'll be posting my annual Top 10 photos soon.


  1. Fantastic, I love the beautiful details you pointed out and of course the lone figure in motion against that lovely backdrop. Thanks for the peek into your personal 2013 faves!

  2. Is it OK with them that a n0n-believer take a photo there?

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >
    =^..^= <3

  3. hi Duncan
    Well then the fun was over.
    This image should be seen magnified because there are so many fine details in it.
    What sharpness ago. It is incredible.
    Thank twenty cozy days with you and your great photos.
    Hope that you get a really good photo of 2014.

  4. I really like this composition, fresh and very creative, great touch of color!

  5. Wow, what a trip Duncan! Beautiful details in this No 1 shot.. I enjoyed this photographic journey with you, I always enjoy seeing how others evaluate their images.

  6. A lot of elements in the photo which shoots to one theme.. the main religion of this country..

  7. A great shot to cap a great blog hop! Thanks so much for organizing this! It has been so amazing!

  8. Beautiful choice for #1, Duncan. Thank you for hosting this Top 20, and I hope you do it again next year. I'll be looking forward to it!

  9. What a great finale. Beautiful shot, Duncan.
    It's been a great 20 days sharing photos with you and others. Thank you for hosting this hop. Hope you will host another one next year. Looking forward to it. All the photos are very inspiring.
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments.

  10. I've been waiting for the top 1! Great choice.


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