Thursday, January 9, 2014

Top 20 Photos of 2013 - #12


I am torn when it comes to photos of my children to be included in Top Photos lists. Do I include a picture of my daughter just because she is my daughter and she's cute, or do I omit such an image as it's probably not as technically good as other landscape, nature or animal pictures? I really had a struggle with this one but I believe it is both physically cute and technically pretty. Lauren's hair, dress and sunglasses were all perfect, as were the natural surroundings of the KL Butterfly Park, which framed the image nicely on either side.


  1. This is a super cute photo of your kid.. She's stylish, hip and cool finished with a great pose.. Modelling potential.. :)

  2. Of course you had to include a picture of her! Your girls are adorable, how could they not make the countdown! :)

  3. Hello!
    She is super cute,
    and I think that the picture seats great.
    Nice comp and a lovely pose
    These little girls are so neat birdie.
    They know just vadvad they want to wear.
    It starts early.
    It was different when another was a child.
    Kramizzz have a good day

  4. Excellent portrait, very interesting and beautiful model!

  5. You chose the right one, gorgeous girl indeed.

  6. Oh you had to put this one in Duncan, it's a super composition with a delightful subject :)the colours work really well also. I did like your No. 14, the pop of yellow really works, also great composition. and the view through the rock in No. 13 could not be left out! It must be getting harder to choose each time oui!

  7. She's really pretty and a modelling star. Kids are a natural and I am glad you include this one.

  8. You are absolutely right about this: lovely girl, very nice picture!


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