Monday, January 27, 2014

Zorbas Cafe (formerly Americano Cafe), Star City, Kuantan


We were informed of Americano Cafe by our friend Sharon, wife of the owner. Americano Cafe is a fairly new restaurant in Kuantan, in the popular Star City area adjacent to Air Putih.

B22, Ground Floor,
Jalan Seri Kuantan 81,
Kuantan Star City II
25300 Kuantan, Pahang D.M.

Tel: 09-505 5038
H/P: 019-332 1959

Nikolas, the owner and Head Chef, hails from Greece and has spent many years in America. Hence his food has a Mediterranean and Western flavour, and is cooked to absolute perfection. You can taste the quality.

Americano Cafe is a small and cosy restaurant, suitable for families, with plenty of exciting dishes on the menu. Here's what the menu looks like:

Page 1

Pages 2 and 3

Page 4

View inside Americano Cafe

Window to the kitchen where Head Chef Nikolas is busy preparing our food

Simple table decoration

Those who know me fairly well will know that I also take into account the state of the toilet when judging a restaurant. This one is nice and clean, has a choice of hose or toilet paper with two small paintings hanging on the walls. It gets a "PASS" :)

Turkish Adana Kebab

Turkish Adana Kebab

Marinated Chicken Tips

Pizza Hawaiian

Our dessert plate included from top clockwise: Belgium Chocolate Mousse, American Dream Cake and Turkish Baklava

Every single bite of every dish we sampled was delicious and prepared to perfection. 

The pizza was easily better than Dominos. The salad was fresh with great dressing. The french fries were not really french fries - they were delicious chips, fat and soft. The lamb was succulent and tender. The chicken tips were awesome, my daughter loved them. All of the food was flavoured beautifully with various spices and sauces.

My daughter said, "Daddy, I'm full, but it's so lovely that I want to keep eating!"

And the dessert was no less impressive. The Belgium Chocolate Mousse was of the highest quality, luxurious, and for RM2.90, you will not find a better bargain anywhere in Kuantan for a dessert! The American Dream Cake was light and fluffy and full of flavour. Finally the Turkish Baklava. I was not very attracted to this dessert by its appearance but once I took a bite I was hooked! The most fantastic sweet flavours filled my mouth - it was just amazing!

Here is Lauren in heaven eating food at Americano Cafe!

Americano Cafe is on a par with La Casa and for me, they are the best two Western restaurants in Kuantan. 

You really need to pay a visit to Americano Cafe in Kuantan. I can't talk highly enough of the great dining experience we had there. It is amazing value for money. Good prices, quality food.

Check out their facebook page here: Americano Cafe on facebook


  1. It looks like a great place and look at that food!

  2. They look like some big hearty meals!

  3. Enjoyed our lovely dinner there. Will try crab cake next!!

  4. Hi Duncan.
    It was a fresh and cozy restaurant.
    Great photos.
    The toilet was clean and stylish as well.
    It is the most important.
    I hate dirty toilets.
    Have a tip

  5. What a grand finale! Very cute capture! :-)

  6. ❀✻❀ ✰ ✰ ✰ ❀✻❀
    Hello Duncan !
    Great restaurant !!!! american food ... hum !!!!
    Thanks for your photos.
    ❀✻❀ ✰ ✰ ✰ ❀✻❀


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