Monday, February 27, 2012

Transfer America

Good day and welcome to another lovely Monday, the beginning of a new week and new opportunities.

I have recently been in contact with Rebecca Lin who runs a blog named Transfer America. This is an interesting blog and will be of interest for the avid traveller and vacationer. Keep yourself informed of the latest news at:

Hop over to her blog and leave a comment!

As a highlighted footnote to today's post, let me give a word about the A-Z April blogging challenge. It is starting in just over a month's time. Are you signed up yet? I have placed a linky list below my posts - keep scrolling down and you'll find it. You can sign up right here at *Our home called Kuantan*. More on the challenge will be coming soon!


  1. Thanks for the link Duncan, I checked her out and will be following her blogs. Happy Monday.

  2. Hello Duncan, I always enjoy reading your blog.
    I'm entering the A-Z Challenge.
    My best to you and the girls.

  3. Odie, Anna and Anthony, thanks. I look forward to reading some of your A-Z posts Anthony :)


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