Monday, February 6, 2012

Vistana Hotel Interior

The Vistana Hotel Kuantan is a beautifully  designed and maintained building. The public areas, corridors and rooms help its guests feel welcome and entirely comfortable.

Here are a few samples from our recent stay there:

Our children love this full length mirror in the Suite

A view of the main room in the Suite

Dining table, and plants taken from the bathrooms

Illuminated corridor on the 2nd floor


  1. As usual, skillful and wonderful pictures you have taken of a nice hotel, Duncan!

  2. Looks much nicer than what we have available.

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  4. Thanks ordinary malaysian and Odie. I appreciate your visits and compliments!

    vinay7, welcome to my blog! I'd like to hear your comments about the Vistana Hotel here in Kuantan. It seems that you are very much into tourism.


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