Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Horne Learning Services

My wife and I have begun our entrepreneurial journey by forming our company named "Horne Learning Services."

This is the logo we designed together. It was the first finished result we had attempted and we liked it.

We are really excited about this and are looking forward to much growth and success in the future.

We are writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) like any efficient company, and that's not an easy job! So too is typing up 48 yearly lesson plans for four different age groups, along with other customised lesson plans for our work at hotels, hospitals etc.

I'm certain that the hard work now will pay off later. Please don't hesitate to visit our facebook page at the following link:

All the information about what services our company offers is on the info tab of our facebook page. Go ahead, make yourself at home, we would appreciate your support!


  1. Congratulation and I wish both of you the best for Horne Learning Services. Truly inspirational! :)

  2. How great! Congratulations to both of you and all the best with the final set-up and the future of your new journey!

  3. I have no doubt after getting to know you and Fidelia that Horne Learning Services will be an awesome success. I congratulate you both and love your choice of a logo. I'll be following along and hopefully learning something myself.

  4. Great partnership! Wish you great success !!!

  5. Congratulations! Nice logo! Wish your enterprise all success! Way to go, Duncan!

  6. As I said on FB, awesome logo. I pray this venture goes well for you and your lovely family!

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  8. Thank you to everyone for your congratulatory wishes! We feel really satisfied with the logo and feel it is a very important part of any successful company!


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