Thursday, February 16, 2012

Late afternoon walk at Taman Gelora

Yesterday my neighbour Dora decided to go to Taman Gelora for some jogging. Us and another neighbour, Mila, also followed along.

Fidelia and Dora have high blood pressure and are now taking steps to get more exercise. Taman Gelora must be the perfect place to go jogging/walking. There were a good number of people at 5.30pm doing just that. And the best part was, it was all done in virtual silence!

It gave me the opportunity to get snapping the beautiful trees around Taman Gelora as I pushed Leah in the pushchair, stopping now and again to take a photo, and look at how cute Leah was!

Leah smiled every time I stopped to have a look at her!

Absolutely love this scene. Such beauty.

The late afternoon sun makes for a lot of light and shadow - just nice for photographing.

Lauren posing beautifully at Taman Gelora!

Enjoying my evening at Taman Gelora, Kuantan

Fidelia, left, and Dora

rope bridge amidst the trees


  1. All those pictures makes me think of paradise and so inviting. Gorgeous photography.

  2. What a beautiful park. How I wish there is such park nearby so that I can go jogging or just strolling :)

  3. What a beautiful park that is, the photographs are sublime. Take plenty of pictures of Leah and Lauren, they grow up so fast.
    Take care Duncan.

  4. Glad to see a park somewhere in Malaysia wihout litterbugs !!!! The Lake/river banks seems a good place for picnic !

  5. Wong, this is one of the rare places without any litter!

    Anthony, we have gigabyte-loads of pictures of our two girls, chronicling their life from the very first days! I couldn't imagine life without photos!

    Angel, there is nothing near you like this?

    Thank you so much Odie! It is a very relaxing time there..


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