Thursday, March 1, 2012

A-Z challenge is a month away

Good day to you all and welcome to my post. I hope you will take some time to view the short video of my return home which took place yesterday. I've been busy cycling around for the last couple of days, trying to get some things done in relation to our company Horne Learning Services.

The A-Z April blogging challenge is now just a month away. In 30 days the alphabet soup will begin in the blogging world. I've been following the increasing numbers of people signing up for the A-Z challenge on the linky list which I've added to my blog beneath all my posts. There are currently over 800 participants signed up and I'm sure there will be 1,000+ before April 1st comes around. I'm at #387 on the list.

Those who were visiting my blog this time last year will remember my A-Z April blogging challenge. I really enjoyed it, although it was at times hectic, but I made it through the month.

This year I have already begun preparing my posts in advance, and they are shorter in length and all based on a specific theme, which I won't be revealing just yet! I believe it will be a case of "the shorter the better" when it comes to the challenge itself. There will be hundreds and hundreds of bloggers all trying to visit each others blogs and I'm guessing the shorter posts will receive a lot more comments, recognition, new followers etc etc.

If you haven't signed up for the A-Z April blogging challenge, you can do so right here on my blog at the linky list beneath all of my posts. Keep scrolling down and you'll get there!

If you have signed up for the A-Z April blogging challenge, have you decided on a theme? Or will it be random? Have you begun preparing posts in advance? Has it been tough thinking of what to do?


  1. Hi Duncan .... Great to see your vidéo with the glimpses of homes in the background.
    I've not heard about the A-Z challenge before but I feel there are so many bloggers signed up - and it would be impossible to visit this amount of blogs . I had a quick look but don't recognize any of the names.
    I hope your week goes well & keep up the cycling. Your country looks amazing.

  2. HI Dianne, glad you enjoyed the video! Yes it would be extremely challenging just to visit the 1,000 participants in the challenge, but anyway, hope you decide to sign up, it's a very exciting month!

  3. Really enjoyed your video as you were riding home from the beach and great hearing your voice again. I was involved an an a-z challenge last year and it was a little too stressful at times so I haven't made up my mind to do it yet. You can count on me being here for yours though. Have a great rest of the week. Hi to the family.

  4. Yes, I'm on the list, but I have not thought about the subject. Greetings.

  5. Odie, the A-Z challenge is rather stressful especially if you attempt to visit everyone else's blogs too!

    Leovi, I'll be looking out for you in April :)


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