Monday, March 26, 2012

A-Z fever hits *Our home called Kuantan*!

What a great Monday we're having in Kuantan! The sun is shining and it's just great to be alive, something most of us take for granted each and every day.

A-Z fever is here with under one week until the start of this blogging extravaganza. A-Z ABC 2012 already has over 1,200 participants signed up, and my task of visiting every single one of them during April becomes more daunting with each passing day!

I have added my A-Z posts from the blogging challenge of 2011 along the left sidebar if you want to see how I approached this challenge last year, or refresh your memory of some of my letters. A few of those posts have become very successful and famous posts, generated great discussion and brought back great memories.

I think my A-Z ABC 2012 will be a collective great memory. You'll see with my 1st post on Sunday the style of posting I'll be approaching this blogging challenge with. Just to let you know, there will be some text, a photograph and a short video for each of the letters through A-Z. It took some dedicated time and huge brain racking to finish all the preparations, and now I'm excited for the start!

Here's a couple of pictures of Lauren at Vistana Hotel Kuantan recently, along with a couple of friends she made:


  1. Always love to see pictures especially when Lauren is in any of them.

  2. Beautiful photos of Lauren and her little friends! They look so lovely and colourful.

  3. They are all really sweet. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. Odie, Diane, Randy and Mary, thanks so much for coming. My girls are both growing up fast; thanks for your compliments!

  5. I love those sweet and innocent faces - priceless!

  6. Wonderful photos with fantastic smiles. I love, delicious and tender portraits. Greetings.


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