Wednesday, March 21, 2012

100,000 hot, sexy . . .

. . . page views!

Yes, during the last 24 hours *Our home called Kuantan* surpassed 100,000 total page views. That's pretty hot, even for me to discover!

*Our home called Kuantan* began in mid-2009 and has been progressing and growing steadily ever since. We have attracted interest from, The Zenith Hotel, M. S. Garden Hotel and Vistana Hotel, all in Kuantan. We have slowly expanded our friendships with other blogs and bloggers.

We are proud to represent Kuantan, Malaysia to the blogging world and hope that all those 100,000 page-viewers have enjoyed their visits and have come to see and know a little more about this lovely town of Kuantan my wife and I live in.

Here's looking forward to the next 100,000 hot, sexy, page views!


  1. No doubt Duncan your blog is one of the most eye catching with pictures of the beautiful area in which you live and also your gorgeous family. I am really happy that your site is getting so much attention. Hope your week has started off great.

  2. Hey Odie, thanks so much for your loyal following of my blog. Our friendship is much appreciated. The week has started off very well indeed and we are just living each day grateful for what we have and looking for all opportunities that await us!

  3. Well done, Duncan! I really enjoy coming here :) You're doing a great job for your area! :) Keep up the good work!

  4. Congratulations Duncan!! I look forward to more exciting posts from you! You've been to places in Kuantan that even I have never been to or known before I bumped into your blog. Eventhough I've practically lived there all my life!

  5. Well done Duncan, it is an exciting milestone I agree and I found it a great confidence booster, :)

  6. That's certainly a lot of pageviews and I'll bet the title of this post has pushed the stats up some!! Seriously, you run a varied and interesting blog and the stats reflect this. Here's to the next 100,000!

  7. Hej där nere...
    Först måste jag få gratta till din otroligt populära blogg.Inte alls konstigt för du är en hejare på att uppdatera och visa oss andra en massa underbara bilder ifrån ditt nya hemland
    Tack för att du skrev och berättade om din fam.och vart du bodde i England.Om du visste vad glad jag blev för det.
    Collaget ovan är fantastiskt.
    Om du inte har tänkt på det själv så har du fått ett djup i det.
    Snyggt jobbat.
    Ha det gott.
    Vi är på väg mot våren.Skönt!
    Hälsa familjen ...

  8. Barbara, John, Linda, Ros and Lotta, thanks so much for your support of my blog over the last year or so. It's much appreciated!

    Anna, I guess it's just me being the foreigner here, wanting to get around and discover things. We sometimes take our home towns for granted!

  9. Congrats again!

    Your blog is an interesting one to say the least! I do like reading up about expats living in Malaysia.

    Hey! Maybe you should do restaurant write ups for Kuantan, with lots of food photography! That's bound to net you another few hundred thousand views!

  10. Hi Keith, I guess you can't go wrong when blogging about food! Thanks for coming over!


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