Friday, March 19, 2010

Two rainbows in 14 hours

Kuantan has been very kind to me. Gorgeous sunrises...stunning sunsets...pleasing nature. I love living here for these reasons and so many more. I have a fantastic wife and a beautiful daughter. I stay in a nice apartment which feels much like home after almost 4 years here now. And I am thoroughly enjoying teaching English from home to my students. I savour the peace and cool of the mornings and always look forward to a well-earned sleep early at night. Here in Malaysia we have Astro, which is the television service the equivalent of Sky TV in England. So I get to watch every single Manchester United game every week along with other top premier league and European games, exclusive coverage of the tennis Grand Slams, F1, and just about every other major sport you can think of. I have the internet to keep in touch with friends spread out across the globe.

Most recently, I have witnessed two rainbows stripe themselves over Bukit Sekilau in the space of 14 hours. One arrived yesterday evening as I was watering the plants, illuminated by the setting sun against a very fine drizzle which barely reached deck.

But the most impressive one presented itself early this morning as the heavy dawn rain was beginning to subside and the Sun was beginning to rise. I looked out the window to wave my wife off to work and my eyes met this most beautiful scene. To see these colours streaming in a perfect arch made me question the validity of ever producing black 'n' whites again. I ran to the cupboard to find a bag to collect all the gold in that big pot it's supposed to lie in. The end of the rainbow appeared to be quite clear!

{Click the picture to see a 2nd rainbow!}


  1. Your gorgeous wifeMarch 19, 2010 at 1:31 PM

    lovely... two rainbows at the same time is it?


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