Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last Week in Images

A bout of food poisoning has kept me away for a few days but I still have some images to share from the previous week before I was vomiting out the contents of my infected stomach. Thankfully, all appears to be well now. Enjoy the following pictures from Kuantan...

Sunrise over Kuantan at 7:22pm on 9th March

An extremely rare yellow hibiscus blooms from a branch in Bukit Sekilau

The most beautiful tree in Kuantan explodes with colour and vitality

Lauren enjoyed our walk around the block, but it was simply too hot! Here we find a welcome spot of shade

The following day we stay at home and Lauren poses nicely on a chair

Lauren gazes upwards as the wind blows the curtain skywards

A magnificently perfect sphere, the Sun sets once more below the hills of Kuantan

Day turns to night as the blazing ball snuggles up below the clouds

Lauren waits for a shower to pass before going on a walk with daddy around Bukit Sekilau


  1. That's a laburnam tree. Very beautiful, but the seeds are poisonous.
    I've missed you and wondered where you were. Hope you're fighting fit now.
    Lauren is adorable and it was worth the wait for more pictures of her.
    I have to email you. I'm at Ward Council tonight but I'll try and email afterwards.

  2. Yes I'm feeling much better, just getting back into the rhythm of eating again


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