Thursday, March 4, 2010

A flowery scent in the air

Our balcony is alive and breathing. Not only do I enjoy photographing nature, I now have nature on my balcony, and as a result, can photograph my very own nature from the comfort of my own home. It's been a long while since I went on one of my long walks around Bukit Sekilau and surrounding areas on the hunt for new and mysterious flowers, trees and foliage. Nowadays it's just a little too hot. The El Nino phenomenon is seeing to that.

So here are some pictures of our orchids which slowly but surely blossomed and now hang 15 feet in the air from the railings of our balcony. The detail and beauty of their creation is astounding.

At long last a bud slowly begins to unfold

One by one, the new orchids gradually opened

View from the back...

...and from the front, although I marred the picture with my visible presence

A shaft of light spills onto this orchid, revealing the patterns on its petals

This glistening petal seems to glide effortlessly in the gentle breeze

The apartment block may be an eyesore, but it is beautified by the presence of these flowers. A striking contrast between old and new

Everything about these flowers says 'reproduction'. They exist not only to catch our eye with their pleasing designs, but also those of insects and flies who unwittingly are deceived by their ostentatious flirting into copulating unawares, and ultimately, ensuring the flowers' genes are passed on.

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