Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trek to Megamall

This was post was started yesterday but unfortunately Lauren decided to end my stint online when she switched off the computer for me, much to my annoyance. So here goes again!

On Monday we began our trek to Megamall which most people here would say is a ridiculously long journey to make under the hot Sun. However, Lauren and I were prepared with sunhats and caps and the journey is not that far actually, now that East Coast Mall is standing.

Lauren was fascinated with a plant along the way that closes when anything touches it. We stopped for a while to play with it and took this picture.

It is about a 5-minute walk from our home to East Coast Mall. The journey to Megamall is made dramatically shorter by taking a shortcut walking straight through East Coast Mall to the opposite side, as opposed to taking the road all the way around.

We paused to take another picture.

We then made the brief saunter to Megamall and there were adequate portions of shade on the way so that we didn't sweat even a little whilst still absorbing enough vitamin D from the early morning Sun to make us satisfied. Lauren loves Ronald McDonald and demonstrated it as we ate an ice-cream together.

On the facade of Megamall lies a huge poster of Wayne Rooney lifting the Champions League trophy. I couldn't resist incorporating Lauren into the picture:

She then put on a beautiful pose minus the best player in the world:

I bought my National Geographic magazine, and Lauren bought sweets, biscuits and chocolate with her 'ang pao' money. We reached home feeling invigorated from our exertions, and incredibly hungry. Guess what Lauren ate?!


  1. I hope Lauren won't eat all those sweets and stuff all in one sitting!

  2. No, don't worry! It took about two sittings!


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