Friday, March 12, 2010

Remembering Singapore Part Three

Raffles Place. This is the downtown Singapore area, the home of businesses, the Esplanade, and more recently, the Formula One race circuit. We were in Singapore a couple of weeks before the race itself and witnessed last minute preparations to the circuit and grandstand, and wondered how the atmosphere would feel when Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are racing around the city roads at 250km/h in the dark of night.

Here is another view of Raffles Place just a way down river on what is a lovely walk way to fill up the warm sunny afternoons. A small Merlion statue awaits at the end, and as water gushes out of its mouth, excited tourists hurriedly snap pictures to show their friends back home. 

And here are the more childish things we got up to nearby the Fullerton Hotel:

Not the best way to deal with obstreperous children

Perhaps an umbrella up the bum would do the trick!

As you can see, Singapore is very scenic and there are opportunities for memorable pictures wherever on the island you may be. The river was a particularly nice spot for photographing.

Clarke Quay, with its line of eateries was rather silent by day but exploded to life at night

We had a lengthy walk from Raffles Place to Eye on Singapore, the huge wheel with bullet capsules giving marvellous views of the city-state. We didn't go on it, I think it was being repaired or serviced at the time, and would have made our wallets considerably thinner. However, the grounds were beautiful and we spent some time exploring and relaxing.

The Esplanade theatres is a place that I have photographed quite often but never actually been inside to see a play. I think the outer facade of the building itself, (known as the 'durian' building due to its striking likeness with the revolting durian fruit - how can they call it fruit?) is as famous, if not more, as what actually goes on inside. So here we are in another one of my pictures outside the building:

Our Singapore holiday was a great trip where we saw the sights, took pictures, recorded hilarious videos, but most importantly, I spent some rare time with my dad and enjoyed every minute of his company.


  1. Only nit picking but the pictures above are of Boat Quay, not Clarke Quay.We stayed in The Swissotel Merchant Court Hotel for 8 days in feb 2011. The ride on the Singapore Flyer is something to be experienced. It is 100ft higher than the London Eye, it costs half as much (29.50 S$ - £15) and we didn't have to queue at all. Merchant Court Hotel is really an experience never to be forgotten. We have stayed there before but this time we stayed in Executive Suite, 11th floor, spectacular views and the staff could not do enough for you, it was amazing, we can't wait to go back to the wonderful hotel, city and country. Thanks for letting me post this comment.

  2. Thanks for the correction, anonymous. And thank you for taking the time to comment here on your positive experiences of Singapore. It's a wonderful place and I bet the Executive Suite at Swissotel Merchant Court was lovely!

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