Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Message

The First Vision changed everything.

I took this photo long ago in Taman Gelora yet it remains one of my favourites as it invokes reminders of the First Vision and the young boy Joseph Smith. Priceless truths regarding the true nature of God and His relationship with the Son were revealed. But it was also the dawning of a new dispensation - a period of time where prophets would walk the earth again, where revelation from the heavens would prevail again, and where the fulness of the gospel would be alive.

Indeed, from that historical day in 1820, the gospel light has shone forth and is spanning the entire earth, bringing forth greater knowledge and understanding of spiritual things, the purpose of life, and God's latter-day work in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The true doctrines and principles which Jesus established in his time have been renewed and re-established in our day. They provide the teachings, ordinances and Christlike attributes required to walk a straight and narrow path back to the presence of God. A knowledge of where we came from, our purpose here on earth, and a clear picture of our destination, help us stay rooted on the path which leads to salvation and exaltation.

Exaltation is gained through the sealing power restored to the earth through Joseph Smith whereby one who holds this power of the priesthood may bond a husband and wife together eternally, not just temporarily as in civil marriages. The First Vision was the first step in restoring all of these truths, principles, authority and ordinances to man once again. Fidelia and I are extremely grateful for these things.

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