Sunday, January 17, 2010

Daily Schedule

Being a house-wife, or in my case, a house-husband, is very tiring. By the time 10pm ticks around I'm more than ready for bed. Here is an overview of how my days pan out.

7.30am - I wake up and see my wife off to work at 8am.

8-9am - I either wash the clothes and/or prepare lessons for my tuition class later in the day. I also spend a few moments reading through some church magazines or scriptures.

9-10am - Lauren wakes up depending on what time she went to sleep the previous night.

10am-12pm - I change Lauren's nappy and make a bottle of milk for her. She then watches her cartoons including Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dibo the gift dragon (my personal favourite), Little Einsteins, Special Agent Oso, Handy Manny and Chuggington. That keeps her occupied until she has her nap. Any time between 11.30am-12.30pm I will bounce her to sleep whilst singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', 'Silent Night' and various other songs and hymns.

1.30-3pm - This is the most hectic part of the day as Lauren wakes up from her nap, I prepare some lunch, feed Lauren, change her dirty nappy, wash the dishes, boil water for her bath, bathe her, dry her, clothe her and deal with text messages from my wife. I am working to a deadline because at 3pm I have a tuition class to teach.

3-5pm - Our neighbour's daughter, Sharon, arrives and entertains Lauren, (although I think it goes the other way around as Lauren entertains her!) while I teach English to a number of students who come.

5-6pm - If I haven't already washed the clothes in the morning, I will be doing it straight after my tuition class finishes whilst Lauren watches me or sees some more cartoons including Dibo the gift dragon, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Clifford the big red dog, and some awful programme called 'Pocoyo'.

6pm - My wife arrives home from work. We prepare the dinner, fold and store the clothes, and I prepare for my tuition class (Wednesday and Friday nights), prepare a FHE (Monday night), or just relax (Tuesday and Thursday nights).

Enjoy the pictures we took recently during one afternoon:

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