Monday, January 4, 2010


I have discovered a website which will make the avid Manchester United fan start dribbling from the mouth. It is an extension of, their official website, but this one is devoted to statistics about the Red Devils - a lot of statistics. 

Here you can view all of Manchester United's (or Newton Heath's, as they were previously named) results, scorers and attendances season by season from the late 19th century when Newton Heath were formed, up until the present day. You can also peruse over all of Manchester United's opponents they have ever faced and check out their head-to-head records over the years. There is a host of other things to do there, and all this time I had never known of this website's existence!

It is the ultimate Manchester United stat centre.

Go and visit

I do not advocate sitting in front of a computer screen for too long, but this website is well worth it. Get the paracetamols ready!

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